My name is Prabhat Kumar Sahu. Currently I am staying in Hyderabad.
I work mainly as a Machine Learning Engineer but I can also work with Full Stack Web Dev ( Django + React).

My technical interests include software design, applying machine learning & deep learning in real-world applications, web development, automation and computer vision. And I enjoy working with Python stack and JavaScript.

When I'm not hacking away on a project, I enjoy watching tv series, writing, learning new things, and working out.


  • 2020 August - DeepEdge.ai, Hyderabad - Machine Learning Engineer
  • 2019 June - 2020 June - Frolic, Hyderabad - ML Engineer
  • 2018 May - 2018 July - Central University Of Rajasthan - Machine Learning Intern
  • 2015-2019 - Sambalpur University Institute Of Information Technology, Burla,Odisha - B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

Everything I have learned and know will be documented here. I owe it all to countless people who have freely shared their knowledge with the world. I want to give back while I continue to learn on my Journey to become a better Developer.

In case you're wondering, this site