I see a lot of other developers making a "uses" page, so I figured I might as well too.

The following is a list of the tools that I use on a daily basis. This page was inspired by Wes Bros. See more pages like this here

💻 OS + Hardware

📑 Editor

✔️ Terminal

⚙️ Tools


  • I use 🌐 Chrome as my main browser
  • I use 🐻 Bear for taking notes
  • I use 📐 Rectangle for window management
  • I use 🐳 Docker for container management

📑 Services

  • NameCheap - Domain Provider
  • Github - Software Repository hosting
  • Vercel - I am hosting this site here
  • AWS - Cloud services
  • Railway - Faster deploy and prototyping

🧰 CLI Tools

  • exa: ls replacement, used with exa aliases
  • fzf: Really nice fuzzy search tool
  • tldr: Simplified man pages
  • gtop: System monitoring dashboard alternative to htop
  • bat: A better version of cat
  • zoxide: A great tool for jumping between multiple directories.

🛋 Desk

  • IKEA Thyge height adjustable desk

📟 Others