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Tools of the trade (and the not-so-trade)


Building, boosting, and maybe blanking out

My toolbox for software, productivity, and (the occasional) mental escape.


 Gaming PC

  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-12700K
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR5
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti
  • SSD: 1TB
  • DDR5 Gigabyte Motherboard


Keyboard and Mouse

  • Keyboard: I use a  Keychron K2-V2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Blue switches ⌨️
  • Mouse: I use  Razer Viper Mini for gaming.  Logitech Signature M650. It’s doing the job for now. I use it while using Mac. 
  • Previously I had Lenovo Legion Mouse, It stopped working after 6-7 months. 

Headset And Microphone





Software (Desktop Apps, CLI tools and Others)

  • fzf: an awesome fuzzy finder written in Go!
  • ripgrep: better replacement for grep. Also written in Rust.
  • bat: A better version of cat
  • zoxide: A great tool for jumping between multiple directories.
  • exa – a modern (?) replacement for ls. It’s been pretty good so far
  • Delta (for showing pretty diffs in terminal)
  • pyenvgoenvnvm: for managing multiple versions of pythongo, and node respectively.
  • rectangle: for organizing windows. Pretty sleek since I just need to press ⌘⌃← to move current window to the left, etc.
  • BeeKeeper Studio: A good looking SQL GUI client for Postgres, SQLite and MySQL.
  • Amphetamine: I have been using it from past 3 years. It helps keep my Mac awake. 
  • MQTTX: GUI MQTT Client Toolbox. Works really great.
  • Postman App and Thunder Client (VSCode Extension)for API testing purpose. 
  • grpcurl: Like cURL, but for gRPC
  • RedisInsight:  GUI for redis client. Helps visually browse and interact with Redis data.
  • Docker: Container management.
  • HashiCorp Nomad:  Simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator for managing containers. Kind of an alternative to Kubernetes.
  • ngrok - A quick way to setup reverse shells and test complex environments locally.

Hosting and Services

  • NameCheap - Domain Provider
  • Github - Software Repository hosting
  • Vercel - I am hosting this site here
  • AWS - Cloud services
  • Railway - Faster deploy and prototyping


  • I use Google Chrome as my main browser. And brave as secondary.
    • For chrome extensions I use:
      • uBlock Origin

      • Grammarly

      • Octotree – useful when browsing files in GitHub repositories

      • OneTab

      • JSON formatter

      • React Dev Tools

      • Save to Pocket

      • UpNote Web Clipper

Note Taking App

  • Upnote: I made a one-time purchase for upnote a long time back. I have been liking it so far.
  • Sometimes I use Google Keep and Apple Notes.

Desk and Chair

  • IKEA Thyge height adjustable desk
  • I purchased the chair from a local store.

Other Tech

I will update the post, If something new adds up to my list.